20 July 2010

Behr Pick: Tattoo Tuesday

Since it's summer, I thought this gentleman was the perfect selection for Tattoo Tuesday. He's tattooed, muscular, furry, handsome....and at the beach! Now I admit I'm not crazy about the side tattoo and chest tattoo...but I can easily overlook those for the sheer fact that the rest of him looks so good.

Monday went well. For some reason I felt good and my mood was lighter than it has been. I'm hoping it's a continuing trend.

Here's to a terrific Tuesday full of BEHR HUGS!!


Marc said...

Reminds me of a younger Ringo Starr, definite eye candy.

Stan said...

I'd love to spend the day at the beach with him. How proud I would feel to be seen with such a hottie! Then go home together and shower. Then I'd be his bitch!
My perfect Tuesday! In my head anyway.

RAD said...

tan man..he looks rough! Rought and tumble Im ready! Hope your week is going well bud!

Michael Rivers said...

Very nice!! Have a great rest of your week!