23 July 2010

Introducing Big Beautiful Men

If you like big, beefy, meaty, strong men...then have I got the website for you!

Big Beautiful Men is available right here on Blogger. The owner, TomJon, contacted me to first say how much he loves Behr Blather (shameless self-plug) and asked that I add his site to my blog roll. I checked his site out and decided to give him a shout out to help promote Big beautiful men. I've taken a look and WOOF GRRRR!! it is full of big beautiful men! I've included some pics here from his site so you can see a random selection of the men he features.

So please check it out and tell TomJon hello!



Stan said...

WOW! Supersized!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have an embolism.


Cubby said...

Oh no!! Pics like that scare me. I hope that first guy didn't blow out his O-ring.