26 September 2010

Sunday Favorite: 45

Jason Sokody is one of my favorite models to feature here at Behr Blather. From the clipped body fur to the tattoos to the pumped muscles to that seductively sexy look on his face...he is definitely one to raise one's....spirits. Thank goodness there is such a beautiful man gracing this planet. If you're a JS fan, keep an eye out, I have some incredible pictures where his look is completely different. Don't worry - he's still hot!

Last night I ushered at the local community theater. It was closing night of the season's opening show "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum." Ironically, back in 1986, this was the first show I did at the theater. It's a bawdy romp filled with Stephen Sondheim's music and lyrics.
Whenever I see a production of a show I've done, I can't help but be hypercritical. I sometimes hate myself for being judgmental like that but it's just part of who I am. Overall it was a fine production. The young couple who played Philia and Hero, the young lovers, both had incredible voices. The guy who played Pseudolus has a finely tuned sense of comic timing; I worked with him in "Pirates of Penzance" a few years ago; he also has a very good singing voice. I found fault with the Proteans, perhaps because that's the role I had when I did this show. During intermission, however, a good friend who I met on the set of my production whispered "I liked yours better." That gave me a sense of satisfaction. All in all though it brought back good memories of good times.

Not much going on today. Gearing up mentally for the week, which may not be a good thing to do since it will be another stressful week. I need to make the most of this Sunday. Hope you do the same.



David Dust said...

I was a chorus boy in my high school production of A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum. Such a fun show.


PAU said...

I understand why he´s you favourite model!!!