11 September 2010

Saturday Behr Blather

Today has been a mostly relaxing day for me. I did a few minor chores (laundry, ironing, dishes) but I've been resting for the most part.

I watched "The Emperor's Club," which stars Kevin Kline and Emile Hirsch. It's a "History Boys" meets "Dead Poets Society" but without the emotional impact of either of those two films. I found it a little slow towards the end.

I finished reading "Snowman," the fourth book in Mark Abramson's Beach Reading series. I thoroughly enjoy his series, which is set in San Francisco, predominantly in the Castro. I also finished reading Rebecca M. Hale's "How to Wash a Cat," which I started reading shortly after my surgery. This is Ms. Hale's debut novel and it's really cute. Cat lovers will enjoy the descriptions of Isabella and Rupert, the two felines in the story. This novel is also set in San Francisco and deals with secret tunnels, tulips, and pre-Gold Rush era citizens of SF who, interestingly enough, share their names with several streets.

I also took a nap with Winston. There's nothing more wonderful than napping with your cat. They are so calming and relaxing. I watched some TV, caught up on some blogs, and basically just kicked back.

It's been a good day. I hope it has been for everyone too. BEHR HUGS


David Dust said...

I also took a nap with Dusty today. Oscar, however, refuses to snuggle on the couch.


Howard said...

Had lots of family around, so not particularly relaxing, but a fun day. Hope relaxation comes Sunday...

mistress maddie said...

Sorry bear I have not been here lately. Since vacation I am sooooo far behind in mu blog reading! Today was spent doing the same, although I did spend some time poolside with the boys! After vacation and last weekend, I needed a relaxing one! And that picture their... I can't tel you what that does to me down in the nether region!!! Something about a guy in underwear and in bed. Hmmmmmmmm!

Mark in DE said...

Everybody needs a nice relaxing day like that now and then. Glad you enjoyed it!