21 September 2010

Behr Pick: Tuesday Tattoo

Thank goodness Monday is over...and it was just as horrible as I anticipated.

My morning train was late.
My iPod died; I forgot to charge it.
My boss changed our meeting to a working lunch meeting.
I had to buy my own lunch.
My email program at work crashed.
I didn't get a chance to prepare for the 3-day class that starts tomorrow.
I ended up staying late.
The evening subway was late.
The evening train was late.
There was nothing on TV when I finally got home.
So I'm happy it's Tuesday.

And Tattoo Tuesday at that! Isn't this a great pic? When I first saw it, this adorable man's eyes totally caught my attention; then I started examining the rest of him...and the colorful tats are just incredible. I can only imagine the patience and dedication the sessions took.

So here's to a terrific Tattoo Tuesday! It's got to be better than yesterday, right? BEHR HUGS


Nik_TheGreek said...

OK, you definitely had a bad Monday... At least it's over...
I like tattoo Tuesday

PAU said...

When you have a monday like you had yesterday, all days coming are great!!!
It looks to me like an Almodovar film.
I´m glad you are on a new happy day now.

Wonder Man said...

sorry to hear