05 September 2010

Behrmark Returns

I'm back. Finally. Many thanks for the well wishes on my last post and a special thank you to Cubby for reaching out when he realized I wasn't back when I said I would. I appreciate the love and concern.

The experience wasn't as horrible as I anticipated although there were parts that were more difficult with which to deal than I thought. For now I'm healing well and although I have a few physical restrictions/limitations I believe those will be lifted early this coming week.

I missed you all. I missed reading through my favorite blogs and drooling over the hot men in other blogs. I'm hoping to get caught up soon.

I'm keeping this short today; perhaps I'll find time between grocery shopping and house cleaning to post a few experiences.



Michael Rivers said...

Welcome back! Take care of yoruself!

Cubby said...

If I knew you a little better I would ask you how your hysterectomy went, but I suppose I had better put off jokes like that until we meet someday and you can slug me in return. LOL

Glad you're back and doing well! xoxo

Howard said...

Glad you are back and feeling well!

Wonder Man said...

I'm glad your well and back with us