25 September 2010

Saturday's Challenge

Today's big errand/chore/challenge was to take Winston to the vet. It was time for his vaccinations and since it had been over a year since he'd been to see the vet, I called and made an appointment. I could have taken him to the clinic like last year but I decided I wanted him checked over. A "well baby" visit.

Everything is good. The doctor checked his teeth, heart rate, and butthole. Yes you read that correctly. The Vet lifted Winston's tail to check his hole; he growled. And not happily. Although I'm convinced Winston is gay I think this pretty much clinches it that he is NOT a bottom.

In addition to his vaccinations - including his rabies shot - Winston was weighed...he's a big boy tipping the scales at 16.75 pounds! He is healthy and set for the coming year.

We stopped off at Grandma and Grandpa's on the way home; they let me bring Winston inside (he was in his carrier) and let him out. He promptly hid under their sofa where he stayed until I pulled him out to leave. Shhhh! They don't let my sister bring her cat in the house!

We're home now and Winston is obviously relieved. I expect he'll be off to take a nap soon. I just may join him!


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PAU said...

LOL, that was a nice story!!! You have a beautiful cat!!! Gay... but beautiful....LOL!!!