23 September 2010

Behr Pick: Showers

I love my morning shower. I know that's probably a silly thing to admit, but it's true. I enjoy standing in the cascading hot water, absorbing its warmth and feeling the pulsating water hit those muscles where my neck and head join. It's relaxing for me and energizing at the same time.

Is it any surprise that showering with a partner is also a pleasurable experience for me? I would SO like to enjoy that with today's featured hunk.

Yesterday started out as if it was going to be a repeat of Monday and Tuesday; however, it turned and ended up being not so bad. There were some frustrating moments (why doe people feel the need to talk over me while I'm answering their questions?) and I did stay at work late but it definitely was an improvement. I received a nice email from my boss thanking me - THANKING ME - for my patience and dedication in forging ahead with my class despite the system and hardware problems. I also received some good news; the project that got moved up a week while I was on sick leave has been moved back to its original rollout date. Not sure yet if that changes my deadlines but if not I'm going to plead for another two days or so. It's only fair.

So I'm going into Thursday with a bit of a better mood. BEHR HUGS


Michael Rivers said...

Showering with someone is one of the most sexy and erotic things to do!

CJ/Rick said...

I hope your days have improved. So sorry to hear of your hardware problems. I wouldn't know if I had such a problem since I haven't had any opportunities as of late.
A "thank you" goes a long way sometimes. It's nice to be appreciated.