18 September 2010

Behr Pick: Raoul

If you remember, back a week or so ago I posted a picture of Raoul and promised additional pictures. I try to be a man of my word so here I present the other pictures. I know they kind of have an animated look but that's what makes them so appealing. And the fact that the subject is freakin' hot. Love the beard, the tat, the light fur, the pierced nipple.

I had a lab appointment this morning and I treated myself to breakfast out. I've been to Costco and now I'm enjoying some coffee. I still have chores to do (the dishes, cleaning house, ironing and putting away the laundry). I'm hoping to have some "me" time later today to watch Netflix and maybe take a nap. A nap where I'm sure I'll dream of Raoul.

Hope you have a wonderful Saturday! BEHR HUGS


Howard said...

Yes, he is quite the hottie!

Cubby said...

Rub a dub dub, I'd like to be in his tub.

SteveA said...

Ummm ummmm! HAWT!

Wonder Man said...

I would too, we could soap him up good

PAU said...

He´s so sexy!!
What i like most is his sight!!
I hope you finished your housekeeping so you enjoyed the nap dreaming with Raoul.
Greetings Behr