06 September 2010

Behr Pick: Railroad Cub

Happy Labor Day! It's a shame that most of us don't know the origin of Labor Day and the true meaning of this national holiday has been lost. It's another day off (for me, at least), and usually means great end-of-summer sales and BBQs.

In honor of the day and it's origin, I thought I'd feature this railroad cub. Ain't he purty? I wouldn't mind engaging in some hard labor with him. Woof.



Stan said...

I'd love to work with this guy!
It's hard to celebrate labor in this country these days with most labor being outsourced or done away with altogether and unions being so useless anymore.
Happy Labor Day anyway!

Wonder Man said...

Happy Labor Day

Michael Rivers said...

Yes he is purty!!

PAU said...

HI Behr!!!
I´m glad you are back... and I hope you get well soon.
You seem to be all right though...
I´m sorry about you friends in SF!!
Over all, just wanted to say hi to you again!!!

Cubby said...


SteveA said...

too hot!