30 September 2010

Behr Pick: Towel Thursday

If you've followed Behr Blather for any length of time, you know that I prefer to feature pictures of men whose genitals are covered; there's enough porn and naked blogs out there. I've always subscribed to the "leave it to the imagination" school of thought. Now that doesn't mean some of the pictures I feature aren't daring; I know some are, including today's gorgeous towel-wearing hunk. I think a man in a towel - or a sarong - is absolutely one of the sexiest things on the face of the planet. I especially like this picture; the way the light glistens off his muscles, the dark ebony of his skin, the daring position of the towel. WOOF.

Well I can now talk about the endeavor I was hoping to undertake. On Monday night I auditioned for a part in the community theatre's next production, which is Twelve Angry Jurors. You may know the movie version, Twelve Angry Men, which starred Henry Fonda, Jack Warden, Lee Cobb, EG Marshal, Jack Klugman and others. I know the director, she's been a friend for over 20 years. I almost didn't go because I knew she wouldn't cast me. I thought I gave a good audition since I have not auditioned for a show for at least 10 years or so. And after I read the first time my hopes started to rise because I really thought I nailed it. There were, however, some really good people.

I wasn't cast. Perhaps if I had gone to the auditions on the second night I would have done better and made the cut. I admit to being disappointed. Although I didn't think I would get cast, seeing some friends talk about being cast on Facebook yesterday and not hearing anything myself just disappointed me. I really wanted to do this show. As the evening wore on I started getting angry because I thought I deserved a courtesy "Sorry" phone call. Well my friend finally called and left a message. I forgot that I had indicated on the audition sheet that if she needed someone to do lights I would be interested in learning this aspect of theatre. And so she was calling to ask me to do lights. I know it's a concession for not casting me but I just want to be a part of this show. Oddly enough, I do enjoy being one of the tech crew so in a day or so I'll be over it.

Besides....the guy she cast as Juror #8 - the good guy - is GORGEOUS. I am so looking forward to watching him perform every night and getting to know him.

So that was the personal thing that's been on my mind. It's a relief to finally know. I'm still disappointed but I'm also happy that I'll still be involved. Yay me.



Cubby said...

Awww, I'm sorry you didn't get cast. That sucks. Perhaps you can be Juror #8's understudy and stay up late at night running lines with him, doing it over and over and over until you're both completely satisfied.
My secret fantasy is to be part of a crew someday. Actually my fantasy is to be the producer, but I'd be very happy as a crew member.
Good luck with it :-)

PAU said...

What a guy! he´s like an sculpture.
I´m sorry you were not taken for the play, Behr. But the tech part is also amusing. You´ll enjoy it. You´ll see.

Kyle said...

Mark, sorry to heard of your disappointment. I think the people who control the lighting, find or build costumes, play an instrument, or build the sets, are just as important as those on the stage. I know that's an unpopular view, and that doesn't really help you with your feelings of disappointment, but in my heart I feel it is true. I'm glad you get to be a part of the production, regardless of the capacity in which you participate. I think you will find it is just as rewarding. Above all else have a good time with it.

Wonder Man said...

sorry to hear that, but I'm glad you are okay

BosGuy said...

The thoughts that continue to run through my head when I see pictures like that would make me blush bright red if they were ever verbalized...

BosGuy said...

'Course since I'm as shallow as the kiddie pool its only after I posted my first comment that I read about your audition.

I'm not cut out for that line of work for many reasons, but the rejection I would imagine is never easy.