10 September 2010

Behr Pick: Hans


Today I felt like a handsome furry daddy. Meet Hans. I believe I found his picture on a social networking site - probably a bear one - and so I don't have much more information than what's obvious: he's handsome and hot. I certainly would not mind spending my Friday exploring every inch of him.

Today I will be working out of a different office, doing some training. The pressures of work are starting to bear down again. It seems I can barely get one project kind of done when my boss dumps another two things on me. It's getting to be a bit tiresome. Thankfully it's the weekend and I won't have to think much about it until next week.

Enjoy your Friday. BEHR HUGS!!


PAU said...

I wouldn´t mind to get lost with him!!!
so handsome and sexy!!!
By the way, i´m also a big guy... so if you need help with your boss just whistle... wistle??... Anyway... have a nice weekend, you deserve it.

Stan said...

Oh Daddy! Love his nip piercing. Have a great weekend. Hang in there at work!

Wonder Man said...

I totally understand the work drama... Hang in there