29 September 2010

Behr Pick: Woolly Wes

For Wednesday it's Wes, who hails from the UK. He bears that look that's the trend in certain porn genres; think Titan Media. Furry muscles, shaved head, beard or scruff, obligatory tattoo. Not that I'm complaining; I think he's woofy.

I had an appointment with my internist yesterday. Based on my blood and urine tests, I see him every 4 to 6 months. He changed my medication and has ordered a carotid duplex ultrasound. I've been having dizzy spells lately; he's just ruling out it's not something more serious than just my bp. I'm not done paying for the sinus surgery and now this. Ugh. It's a bitch growing old. Don't do it!

I'm a little on edge for other personal reasons. I'm hoping that tomorrow I can talk about the course of action that I'm considering. Although the decision is really made for me, I'm nervous about the outcome.

I hope everyone enjoys this Hump Day. BEHR HUGS


Cubby said...

Spill, gurl!
Your Behr pick is a little too much for me to handle. I love Brits!!

SteveA said...

Good luck Behr!

Wonder Man said...

you are scaring me, I hope everything is okay