13 February 2011

Sunday Blues

I feel like an idiot. I am an idiot. At yesterday's discussion group I found out by someone who doesn't keep his mouth shut that SD was flirting with everyone at his birthday party a couple weeks ago. Evidently, P and SD were dating; and they've now "broken up" and yet still remain friends and just hang together (as evidenced by their trip to a bear Super Bowl event last Sunday). And Mr. Can't Keep His Mouth Shut thinks P is angry at him for being "touchy-feely" with SD. So for those of you who gave me a dose of reality in your comments - thank you. I will endeavor to learn to listen to you. You were right: what 27 year old in his right mind would want me?

So yesterday I opened the bottle of Violetta thinking I'd drink away the memory of S. Well actually... I tried to open the bottle of Violetta. The cork had dried out and so I ended up having to strain the wine through a tea strainer. The wine had begun to turn and no longer tasted like the heavenly elixir it should so I dumped it down the drain. It was probably for the better but a bit of a disappointment.

Trust me.... the irony was not lost on me.



Cubby said...

I'm sending virtual {{hugs}} your way.

David Dust said...

Oh honey - that's CRAPPY. Go get yourself a DRINKABLE and OPENABLE bottle of wine - maybe that will take the edge off a little.



Wonder Man said...

sorry to hear that

Nik_TheGreek said...

Don't be ridiculous:
"what 27 year old in his right mind would want me?" ?
Don't you ever think like that.
Just because SD turned up to be a bit on the slutty side doesn't mean that a good looking guy of any age wouldn't want you.
I'm very sorry it turned out like that.

Seth Rogaine said...

I wish I could give you a huge hug right now!