24 February 2011

Behr Pick: Survivor Redemption Island

If you're a fan of Survivor you're undoubtedly watching Survivor: Redemption Island, the 22nd season of this, the granddaddy of all reality shows.

One of the castaways, Ralph, was described by another contestant as having the best man sweater. That's right, he's furry ALL OVER. I'm drooling. On top of that he's kind of a ginger. GRRRR. And he's a good ole boy who owns his own farm, two homes, and is debt free at the age of 44. Unfortunately this walking furball is married to a woman.

There are some other hotties too. A couple are ex-NFL players so you know they're in good shape. And there's the usual assortment of young athletic men. Oh there are a few women too. Whatever.

Like the past season, they are stranded in Nicaragua. It's beautiful...I love the cutaway shots of snakes, tigers, crabs, spiders, monkeys, and other critters. Absolutely gorgeous. A nice place to visit but I'm not sure I'd want to live there for 39 days.

Unless of course Ralph and I are alone.



Cubby said...

Is he one of us?

TomJon said...

I've just checked this guy out. Wow. I think he's great.

Survivor only lasted two seasons in the UK. Shame, cause it also had some hot guys on it!

Anonymous said...

Evil Russell gets me hard!