12 February 2011

Behr Pick: Beef, Wine, and Remembrance

So this past week when I was in La Jolla, which is near San Diego, I thought about a certain someone because he lives there. I thought about how - if I weren't so damned stubborn and sensitive - I maybe could have called and crashed at his place rather than paying for a hotel and thus saving the company more money. I thought about driving by his place just to see if he still has his ridiculous vehicle. He had bought a particular trendy vehicle and it totally looked like a lesbian car. Just sayin'.

I think he's on my mind because this is the weekend anniversary of our break-up. The days and dates match up exactly as they did in 2005. Yeah...it sucks we broke up on February 13. And in Napa of all places. Okay maybe it was technically Sonoma I don't know. But I know that this weekend holds meaning for me. Not necessarily good meaning just meaning. (For the uninitiated, read my three part series Love, Not Love.)

In fact...I've been thinking...always a dangerous activity. For my birthday in 2005 he gave me a bottle of Violetta, which is perhaps the most divine dessert wine to ever cross my lips. It comes from the Grgich Hills winery. I've been saving it for a special occasion...and I'm still waiting. So I'm considering drinking it in remembrance this weekend. Oh relax...it's a 375 ml bottle. And here from the website about when to open a bottle of wine:

The late harvest Violetta, because it is made from grapes rich with botrytis, has a high residual sugar as well as nice acidity and typically is at its best three to five years after the harvest but continues to deepen in color and to develop those wonderful apricot and honey flavors for another 10 or more years.

The bottle I have is a 2000 Late Harvest. So I had best consume it, don't you think? I think so too. Best to get it done and let it be over with.

"To absent friends!" as Frank N. Furter would say.



Cubby said...

I'm trying to figure out what a "lesbian car" is. I'm guessing an old Datsun compact pickup? Or an old Buick Roadmaster station wagon? Perhaps a Chrysler PT Cruiser? Am I getting warmer?

I don't like La Jolla. Greg and I had a bad day there once :-(

PAU said...

hahaha the title of this post sounds like having dinner hahahaha.. is the bear the dessert??? please??? say yes....

mistress maddie said...

Yes, I'd say crack that sucker and drink up my friend! And thanks for the heart felt comment you left me too, so nice to hear from everybody. now when I make it west again maybe we can talk about our splits and have a few cock-a-tails!

Wonder Man said...