16 February 2011

Behr Pick: Seaside Resort

I'm back in La Jolla, which is near San Diego. Again, for work. I'm staying at a different place because last week's place didn't have available rooms. I'm further south - much further - but still less than 5 miles from the work location. Or so according to Google maps.

It's not a bad place; I'm within a minute walk of the beach. I missed last night's sunset but hopefully this evening I'll catch it. And I brought my camera this time. Oh and on my walk back from dinner I passed a room of young college age guys with their door standing wide open. It appeared there were four of them. And there were wet suits flung over the railing outside of their room. Yeah I'm thinking what you're thinking you pervs!

I caught RuPaul's Drag Race on Hulu yesterday morning. I may have mentioned here - and definitely elsewhere - that I am rooting for Delta Work. I admit to being slightly disappointed in her runway attire selection. I thought she was good in the challenge as the news anchor. My second choice is Raja. I know many don't like her but I'm amazed at her creativity and how easy she makes it look. Loved her Marie Antoinette-inspired runway couture look. And I like her voice!

Good news: my friend with the relationship trouble says that they've talked and they will be going to couples counseling. I'm happy.



Stan said...

Enjoy your stay in La Jolla. I hope the weather is good. The weather map looked like rain there. Yes I'm having thoughts about those surfers in that room.

Cubby said...

Get some pics of some hot guys :-)

Wonder Man said...

that's good that your friend is okay

Mark in DE said...

I watch Drag Race too. I think my current favorite is Manila Luzon.