11 February 2011

Behr Pick: Jim, Home, and Friday

I'm home!

It took me 3 hours to get home yesterday - double the travel time on Tuesday. It is always nice to return home and be back in familiar surroundings. Winston was a brat when I got home but when I woke up this morning he was curled up next me singing his little heart out. I think he senses that I'm going to be leaving again this morning so he's acting aloof. Cats certainly don't like their routines upset.

And now it's Friday. Unfortunately I do have to go into work today because I have a Webinar to conduct. It should be an easy day otherwise. I need to book a hotel for next week since I'll be returning to La Jolla. And I'll start working on my expense report and getting materials for next week's class together. I've got my fingers crossed that the day will go quickly.

I don't have definite plans for the weekend. Laundry and housecleaning is in the mix of course. Other than that I don't have anything exciting lined up. What about you? Come on and leave a comment...show the behr some love!



Stan said...

3 hours! Did you detour going through New Jersey?
Every time I go away which is rare these days I always get a chorus of MEOW's when I get back too.
Have a good weekend. At least no storms for us here on the horizon.

Cubby said...

You should think about getting a helicopter so you can avoid all that traffic.

Seth Rogaine said...


Wonder Man said...