28 February 2011

Behr Pick: Colin Firth

YES! Colin Firth won the Academy Award for his eloquent performance in The King's Speech.

You may remember that he was nominated last year for A Single Man, for which he should have won the Academy Award, in my humble opinion. I am very happy that he won as I have always thought him a brilliant actor.

Congratulations Colin and BEHR HUGS!


Cubby said...

I really liked the King's Speech, and Firth's performance, and I'm happy he was rewarded with an Oscar. However upon hearing his acceptance speech and his interviews, I now think he did not deserve it. He wasn't doing much acting at all. He was just being himself, delivering lines from the script. I don't know... maybe I'm too cynical.

Stan said...

I'm glad he won too. I agree he should have won it for "A Single Man" a movie I loved and really related to having lost my partner way too soon also.

SteveA said...

He should've won last year - I agree! This year - he so deserves it as well - rock on!

Wonder Man said...

he was good

CJ/Rick said...

I'm glad he won as well. I was afraid of an upset there at the end.
The telecast was so boring. I found myself constantly channel surfing. Is it my age? A general lack of interest? These people are shoved in my face it seems non stop and as a result there's no "ahhhh" moment when the actual show airs.