23 February 2011

Behr Pick: Lawrence

He hails from Texas...ya know, where they grow 'em bigger. *wink* Love me some woofy Latino bear meat.

Can you believe it's already Wednesday? This is totally great. Except that I'll be all screwed up since I have class today and tomorrow and Survivor is on tonight. Speaking of, is anyone watching Survivor: Redemption Island? There's some hot man meat in the way of contestants. There's one mountain man who is just covered with fur front and back. I nearly passed out when I saw him.

Not much to say today as I'm running a tad behind schedule this morning. Have a great Hump Day!



Cubby said...

If you pass out maybe he'll give you mouth-to-mouth.

Stan said...

Haven't watched Survivor in a while. I may have to check it out.

Wonder Man said...

My God, he is super hot