10 February 2011

Behr Pick: Seb, Sunsets, and Bean Curd

Today is my last day in La Jolla.

Yesterday went fairly well. The temporary training room wasn't set up as I would have liked it but in the long run it worked just fine. I had two good sessions: the morning had four women, one of whom is a laugh riot. The afternoon was a one-on-one with a nice guy. I left "work" about 3:30 and that was after making up emails to send just so I had something to do.

After work I went back to the hotel, which is literally about 5 minutes away although it seems further. I changed out of my work clothes, fired up the Macbook, and watched Tuesday night's episode of Glee. Yes I missed it. Long story. One not worth repeating. Anyway...I watched the Valentine episode (I totally get the fat bottomed girl references on FB now) and had to laugh at Puck. Is it the writers' goal to have him go through every girl on campus? Still I enjoyed it although I read a comment somewhere that basically said it's sad that Kurt is singing backup to Blaine's constant front man status. I personally think Blaine is the male Rachel. Anyway, I digress.

After watching the episode I walked down the street to the beach. I found a bench and sat there and enjoyed the beautiful sunset:

After that I walked to Mandarin House for dinner. I tried something new: kung pao bean curd. I've had kung pao before but never bean curd. It was interesting and quite good. It filled me up a lot quicker than I expected. Of course I had started with two vegetable spring rolls. The steamed rice and tea probably didn't help either. Nonetheless, it was good.

Now if you're thinking "Bean curd?? Ewwww!" I probably would have agreed with you as recently as two or three months ago. However, I've been experimenting with alternative protein choices. I've tried some ready-made tofu products and really enjoyed them. In fact, I really could not tell I was not eating meat. So hence the bean curd. Besides...I'd had a carnitas burrito for lunch!

I spent the evening playing on the computer and reading.

Now today I have the two classes then I'm driving back home. I'm hoping to get on the road before the rush hour traffic starts. Although it's been just a couple of days I'm excited to get home to Winston. And I'll be doing this trip again next week so I'm none too anxious to stay here.

So that's about it for me. What's new in your world?



Nik_TheGreek said...

If that's your picture of the sunset, it is really beautiful. nice...
I don't have many special news. You can find them on my blog anyway.
I am not generally fond of Bean curd but if you liked it, I don't have anything to say about that. It's up to you... :-)

Stan said...

I like the Morningstar product line for a meat alternative. I don't know if there available out there or not but their burgers are delicious. They've come out with entries too.
I was in San Diego way back in '78 and I loved it out there. I'd love to go back some day again.
Speaking of driving it's pothole season out here in the East! OMFG! there are some bad ones out there and with state budget cuts they'll only get worse. Drive safely back home!

Wonder Man said...

have a safe trip