06 October 2010

Gay Days 2010 Recap 2

Continuing from yesterday, here are some pictures of additional decorative places at Disneyland. Across from Zocolo Mexican Restaurant (very good food if a little pricey) is a little alcove area set with Day of the Dead decorations including the band and lady in blue (she reminds me of something from Tim Burton's Corpse Bride). Along the path between Frontierland and Fantasyland is an area where goats and pumpkin carvers are on display at this time of year.

Did I mention that it was terribly crowded? Aside from all the Red Shirts, there seemed to be an over abundance of straight people. Or at least I presumed they were straight. Here's a couple shots I took of the seating area at Hungry Bear Restaurant:

One of the main reasons I go to Gay Days - aside from the feeling of community and rebellion - is to see friends, many of whom I don't see but once or twice a year. People like Steve with the mohawk! It's a new look for him.

This is Glenn...he used to be the "leader of our band" before he moved back home to Seattle. He built my now dead PC and is just one of the nicest cubs you'll ever want to meet. It was good to see him; I've missed our Mongolian BBQ dinners!

Glenn is now partnered to Wendell, the gentleman in the tan hat on the right. Nice man, bearish, woofy. That's Jim-James in the white shirt, he's recently engaged! And that's another Steve in the green hat.

This is Greg; he's one of the friends I ran around with. He's partnered to Jeff who I only caught a bad pic of (he lowered his head). Greg was pissed off when I took this!

This handsome fellow is Tim. What can I say about him? He's smart, employed, furry, hung, quiet....why someone hasn't snatched him up yet I don't know! Tim is another friend from my little group.

This is Topher. At one time I think he had a little crush on me. He's a nice guy and we occasionally go to the bars or movies together. The beard sans moustache is a new look for him - I like it!

The couple in the middle (third/fourth from left) is Scott and Raymond with their friends on Main Street. They're fun, woofy, recently new members of a leather club in Phoenix...and Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (obviously not in face). They're currently enjoying a sabbatical from the Sisters.

Another reason I go to Gay Days is to check out the cute men. Here is a cross sampling of what you can see (check out the one in the white wife beater!):

So there you have it - my two-day recap of my adventures at Gay Days 2010! Lots of eye candy, lots of fun rides, lots of laughs (I'll save the personal story for later), and good food, good friends, and just an overall great time. I hope you enjoy perusing the pics.



Cubby said...

"Tim...why someone hasn't snatched him up yet I don't know!" The question is, why haven't YOU snatched him up yet?

I looks like a fun time and your friends are woofy delicious.

Wonder Man said...

where are pics of you?

Michael Rivers said...

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing. Happy Wednesday!