11 October 2010

Holiday Monday

Today is Columbus Day - or as I refer to it, "Invasion of America Day" - and that means I have a holiday. No hating! I am off because the Federal Reserve is closed and therefore so is the company for which I work.

This morning I will be going to the hospital for an ultrasound of my carotid arteries. About a month ago I started having a problem with dizzy spells. Not the "I'm going to pass out" dizzy but the "things are moving" dizzy. I think I mentioned earlier that my doctor has changed my blood pressure medication; but he wants to ensure there aren't any other problems or causes of the dizziness. Incidentally, I haven't had a spell since he changed my meds. So this is probably just for naught.

This afternoon I will be meeting a friend at Disneyland. This is my friend who was ill and has recovered. I haven't seen him in ages so it will be a good thing.

Whatever you're doing I hope it's wonderful. BEHR HUGS


CJ/Rick said...

I hope your test went well. A day at Disneyland with an old friend sounds like fun. I hope you have a blast.

Cubby said...

Have fun today!

Stan said...

Good luck at the hospital! As somebody who worked many years in hospitals Holidays to us were meaningless. Have fun at Disney!

PAU said...

Besides I don´t exactly know what a "spell" is apart from the witches words, be sure that that dizzynes is going to be nothing. Good energy from here!!!!!!
By the way, Disneyland... you can´t imagine how much I "envy"?? you BEHR. I hope you say Hi to Buzz Lightyear for me!
Cub Hugs

Wonder Man said...

this guy in this pic is hot to watch

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the test results are negative for blockages.

I was getting some serious vertigo spells and yes, the room would start spinning, etc.

All manner of tests including a full on head and neck MRI couldn't solve it.

All we knew was that prednisone stopped it.

My allergist who I've seen for nearly 35 years now figured it out. My eardrums are retracting due to scar tissue from ear infections during childhood. Yeah, childhood!

I can counter it pretty well now.