27 October 2010

Behr Pick: Hump Day

You're not going to believe this...I've been bored at work the past two days. It didn't help Monday that I was still not caught up on my sleep. Yesterday I nodded off too. It's kind of embarrassing! I am going to scrounge around for something to do (this does not include the 10 lengthy documents my boss handed to me to read...I know they will put me right to sleep). That's the nature of my job: feast or famine.

Last night I went to rehearsal for the community theater show. They're doing 12 Angry Jurors. Great play. Great movie. Not sure I care for the mixed gender cast but I'm not the director. It was the cast's first night off book. Boy oh boy did it suck! But I tell you...it doesn't matter because there is eye candy. Now that I have the script I'll be able to read through and get the flow of the show. Lighting-wise I think it will be very simple. The big drawback is that I can't stand the woman who will be doing sound. She's a talker. An annoying talker who thinks everyone thinks she's talented and fun and interesting. In reality she's a shrill shrew. Oh well. It'll be another exercise in patience-building.

Happy Hump Day! BEHR HUGS


Stan said...

I hope you can stay awake today at work. That must suck. Speaking of sucking I love todays hump day black stud!

Cubby said...

Here's what you do if you fall asleep at work and your boss catches you: wake up and say "Amen!" then say you were just praying.

Wonder Man said...

you got the taste of chocolate