05 October 2010

Gay Days 2010 Recap 1

Because pictures are loading s-l-o-w-l-y here on Blogger, I'm going to share my Gay Days recap today and tomorrow. Hope you don't mind. I really didn't take a lot of pictures but some are very good! So here we go!

One of the fun - and yet disappointing - aspects of Disneyland is they have succumbed to the Halloween madness. I understand that it's to compete with the other parks that have big scary, gory, wet-yourself events. And no one can do it quite like Disney. So here are some shots of decorations over the main gate and on Main Street:

Let me say that I had a really good time, better than I anticipated. I arrived at the parks between 10:30 and 11 am (I think, wasn't really paying attention). It was overcast yet warm and yes it was raining. But it soon cleared out and the humidity rose, the sun shone, and it got hot.

The bears usually meet at the Hungry Bear Restaurant. That's where I headed and indeed I saw lots and lots of bears and others in red shirts. I don't know the history behind wearing red shirts but it's a tradition for all GLBT and supporters. BTW, this is an unofficial event, meaning it is not sanctioned by the Walt Disney Co., the Disneyland Resort, or any of the related associates. There was a time when certain organizations threatened a boycott of everything Disney if they didn't "ban" us from the park; Disney is wise enough to know that the GLBT community spends beaucoup bucks not only on this day but also the other 364. Generally we're met with tolerance but the cast members as well as most other guests. There are some idiots in the world, however. One year some man said "cock sucker" in my ear. I turned but didn't see who it was. In my best loud on stage voice I said "Why yes I am - thank you!" I encountered no such bigotry this past Saturday, thankfully.

One of the best aspects of Gay Days are the many t-shirts worn by our GLBT brothers and sisters. Many are naughty, suggestive, and downright hilarious. Others are political and some are just funny. Here are three...click to embiggen. Can you guess which is my favorite?

Tomorrow I'll share more pictures of special decorations, friends, bears, and other cute boys.



Stan said...

I love the "lost boy" shirt! Great post. I'm glad that you went!

Wonder Man said...

nice, show us everything

Cubby said...

I'm getting tired of Blogger's constant malfunctions. I left a comment on this post yesterday, but I see nothing.

mistress maddie said...

Now see, thats great! You went and you had a fabulous time!