25 October 2010

Monday Morning

I had a very good time Saturday night at Universal's Halloween Horror Night, which was filled with thrills, chills, screams, and laughs. I'm lucky that I have friends who don't hold back when the need to scream like a little girl arises. And it did arise quite frequently!

I did not take my camera. A friend took his (he fancies himself a photographer) so I'm hoping he will post pictures soon that I may be able to share.

It looks like it's going to be a fairly easy work week. Yay! I do have projects on which to work, but none are at the stress point. I'm hoping it proves to be a rather relaxed Monday. May yours be the same.



Cubby said...

Glad you had a fun night :-)

Wonder Man said...

me too

CJ/Rick said...

I'm chuckling. I can't imagine you at a fright night or myself for that matter. Glad you had fun!