14 October 2010

Behr Pick: Tattoo Thursday

I may have mentioned that I take public transportation to work. Specifically, a commuter train. In the afternoon, I try to catch the 4:20 train (that's the time, not number). Usually I'm successful.

I've noticed lately that the conductor has been different almost every day. I understand vacations, being ill, et cetera but this daily change is a little unsettling. Today's afternoon train conductor did not look unlike today's featured tattoo hunk: he was Latino, little goatee, and had a left sleeve tat. I know this because he had his cuff turned up once and I could see the blue ink. I tried taking pics of him with my cellphone but they didn't come out very well. So this hunk will have to do. Just imagine him in baggy tan khakis, a white dress shirt, and a yellow striped tie. And no...I doubt the conductor is as ripped as this hunk.

We're quickly approach the weekend - woo hoo! I'll be happy when the week is over. I'm going to keep pushing on through - hope you all are doing the same!



Wonder Man said...

maybe you will see him again

CJ/Rick said...

Now if I got on a train with a conductor that looked like that I'd still be riding.
I'd love to have something like that around the house:I could get all my laundry done with pleasure.
Have a great weekend.