21 October 2010

Behr TV

One of my admitted guilty pleasures is watching Survivor. I started watching in the first season and have since watched most seasons. Some have been decidedly better than others.

This here is Ben "Benry" Henry, a 24-year old Club Promoter from Los Angeles. THIS is one of the reasons I watch the show: gorgeous men.

Sure most of them come to the game clean shaven but as the 39 days transpire without shaving some of them just get hotter. And some contestants actually start growing chest fur. It can be woofy watching the transformations!

I know many people who are anti-reality shows but this was one of the first and is still one of the best. There's some decent eye candy every season. Check it out!


1 comment:

Stan said...

I used to watch it years ago but don't anymore, no reason why. I like Amazing Race when it's on and get a kick out of the couples fighting and being so stupid.