26 October 2010

Behr Pick: Corduroy

When I was a senior in high school, I had a part time job for about 6 months. I worked at House of Fabrics, which was pretty much what it sounds like. We sold fabric, patterns, and notions. This was back in the day when people sewed and made their own clothes. I started out as a stock boy. My duties basically was to put out stock, straighten the store, and vacuum the floor. Eventually I was trained as a cutter and waited on customers, cutting fabric and ringing up sales. I actually enjoyed it. One of the things I learned most was about fabric: from gabardine to tulle to chiffon to broadcloth to corduroy.
I loved my corduroy pants. They were comfy and after a few washes nice and soft. I always opted for wide wale because I thought it looked more masculine! Corduroy comes and goes in fashion these days. I generally don't look at corduroy pants because I'm too fat to wear them. But I do missed them.

It's Tuesday and I'm still feeling a bit worn out and tired. Tonight I start going to rehearsals for the next theater production. I'll be doing lights for this show and I'm excited. It's something new so wish me luck!



Cubby said...

I remember wearing a pair of cords in Jr. High. I loved them and wore them until they were nasty with holes.

CJ/Rick said...

I loved corduroy myself but like pleated front pants they aren't for me. That's interesting you mention sewing. I remember being with my grandmother while looking through Simplicity patterns for hours it seemed to a kid. A thing of the past. Walmart stores here don't even sell fabric any longer. That's where I always got muslin or denim for my upholstery projects. At any rate.
Good luck with your new endeavor as lighting tech.