29 October 2010

Behr Pick: A Fine Friday

It's Friday - HALLELUJAH! I thought this day would never come. But it did, thankfully. Now I know I shouldn't be wishing my life away because this weekend marks the end of the month and is the last weekend before we change the clocks back to standard time. But it's been one helluva slow week for me.

I went to rehearsal again last night to be on book for the actors. This was a last minute rehearsal so only four actors showed up. Quite frankly....it was the right four. First is the beautiful man I cannot help but lust after....he has the largest role and although he has his lines down pat, extra rehearsal is probably welcome. Next is a woman who has a fairly large role too. She has her lines down as well but could work on the actual "acting" part. Next is a friend of mine who has a minor role but can't seem to get the right line in the right place. Finally is this guy who has probably the second largest role...he just cannot seem to get it together. Tonight he used the "mother in the hospital" excuse. I really hope he can pull it together by opening night. So...the director and I read all of the other parts...basically equaling nine other roles! But it was fun and couple of the actors thanked me for being there. Unfortunately Mr. Beautiful Talent wasn't one of them. Did I mention he's beautiful?

This weekend will be quiet for me. I need to do some shopping and really need to get out and clean the garage or work in the yard. I'll probably end up being a lazy ass like usual. Saturday night will be movie night; I will probably watch Sleepy Hollow or the Halloween episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Now that Elvira is back with "Movie Macabre," that's an option as well. Sunday will be busy at the theater so I most likely won't have much of a Halloween, which is a shame because it's a favorite holiday.

Anyone going to a party or some other event? Are you dressing up? Are you passing out candy to trick-or-treaters?



Cubby said...

No candy for us. Our first year here we got a lot of trick-or-treaters, but after the neighborhood found out we were a gay couple, no one comes around anymore. We buy the candy, no one comes to get it, then it ends up on our asses. This year we've decided to buy no candy and to leave the house.

Do you have a camera? I want to see a pic of this beautiful man!

PAU said...

WOW!! When I sepnt my Halloween in Wisconsin it was such an experience.. Here in Spain we don´t celebrate it as great as you do...
hehehehe.. I´m sort of sick, but I would like to get BEAR CANDIES somewhere... could you send me one?? please??
By the way, BEHR, you theater experience is quite funny but sort of a mess to me!! hahahahaha.. I dodn´t get anything of the satory, because i got lost in the second word...LOL!

Stan said...

lights out and blinds closed on Halloween night here. I just can't be bothered answering the door all night long. Can't afford any treats anyway. Broke until Monday 1st of the month.
Have a good weekend.