29 November 2009

Sunday Favorite 13

I must be in a romantical mood because today's picture just seemed perfect.

I had a really fantastic Saturday and am definitely feeling the effects today. A friend and I went to Pasadena (home of the infamous Rose Parade and Rose Bowl) to shop; he needed to get a present for his brother's birthday.

After shopping and going into a few shops we stopped at a little tea place and had tea and sandwiches. This really surprised me because although I enjoy a nice pot of tea I didn't think he was that type. We had the most adorable waiter, which only added to the fun.

Later we met up at Disneyland; he was in the vicinity for his brother's birthday dinner. While I was waiting I rode a couple of rides at California Adventure; we then strolled over to Disneyland and watched the holiday fireworks show. (I also saw some other friends, which was nice.)

After fireworks my friend and I went to a little place he knows call The Twisted Vine. Basically it's a wine bar. We had a really nice Cabernet (I believe it was a California wine), a tasty Shiraz from Australia, and a mini-meat/cheese platter. Although the wine selection seemed better than our usual wine bar and the food was top notch, it was crowded and noisy, something that I think damages the experience. I'm sure we'll go back though. The bar man called him a cab and I drove home. No worries dear readers; by the time the cab arrived for my friend I'd sobered up. Eating a baguette of bread by myself helped too! There was talk of his going home with me but it just wasn't feasible due to my Sunday responsibilities. Thankfully, he understands duty to family.

It was a very nice day and the perfect way to end my vacation. Back to work tomorrow; I'm not looking forward to that! I hope everyone had a good if not great post-Thanksgiving weekend.



Howard said...

A stunning picture, dear Behr. Glad you enjoyed the vacation!

David Dust said...

Sounds like a lovely day. I'm so jealous that you can just pop into Disneyland - I have never been to a Disney theme park before. :(

I return to work tomorrow also, and I'm NOT looking forward to it.


Mark in DE said...

Glad you enjoyed a wonderful day.

Will said...

Such a pleasant way to spend a day--hope that hid going home with you turns out to be a pleasure delayed, not denied.