08 November 2009

Monday Marvel

Here we are, back to Monday. It was a good weekend; the performances on Friday and Saturday night went well. Thankfully, the director doesn't believe in pickup rehearsals so I'm "off" until our next performance Friday night.

In addition to that good news, Wednesday is a holiday. It's Veterans Day and so it's two on-one off-two on this week. I can't complain.

Hope everyone has a good week and a marvelous Monday.


Today's picture subject rocks my world.


Larry Ohio said...

I'm glad your performances went well. Have a good week :-)

Michael Rivers said...

He rocks my world too!! Happy Monday!

SteveA said...

Congrats on the shows! He's hot - but too muscular for me!

Mark in DE said...

Glad your performances went well. This guy rocks my world, too, but then I'm sure you already knew that. :-)