18 November 2009

About Behrmark

As part of my attempt to blog more rather than just post pictures of delectable men, here’s a list of things to know about me.

*My real name is Mark.
*Both of my parents are still living.
*I have an older sister and an older brother.
*I was born in Arizona but the family moved (back) to California when I was one. I’ve been here ever since.
*I’m an ENFJ.
*I was a voracious reader as a child. I would read as many as 20 books throughout my summers.
*I was in Boy Scouts. In fact, I’m an Eagle Scout. I don’t support the organization any more because of their anti-gay stance.
*Although I was never very athletic, I played basketball in junior high and backpacked with my Scout troop. I’ve seen some beautiful country here in California, predominantly in the High Sierras.
*When I was little I wanted to be an FBI agent.
*I dislike guns.
*I feel sexier now as a 40-something overweight man than I did in my YTP days.
*YTP = Younger Thinner Prettier
*I’ve already taken my dream vacation.
*I’m an animal lover. I would rather donate money to the Humane Society or a no-kill animal sanctuary than to an organization that helps people. The exception is my annual support of AIDS Project LA.
*Like so many, I fought my gayness because of religious values.
*I once thought I would die by the time I was 40. Didn’t happen.
*I wear my heart on my sleeve.
*I’m an above-average speller and grammarian.
*My biggest regret in life was semi-closeting myself again after I came out to my parents.
*My range of attraction is broad.
*I have several nicknames: Markus, Santa, Behr, Belle. Most have an interesting story behind them.
*I'm a hug whore. If I could, I'd hug every person I meet.

Well there you have it, a short list about Behrmark. I’ll be expanding on these bits in future posts. Let me know what intrigues you most and I’ll start there. BEHR HUGS!!


Larry Ohio said...

Thanks for defining YTP! At first I thought, "Oh God, now I'm going to have to spend 20 minutes googling that damn abbreviation to figure it out". LOL.

Howard said...

I had to look up ENFJ, cause I am backwards that way. However, wish we were closer in proximity, cause I'd collect as many hugs as you could give.

Thanks for the profile. I would try something like that on my own blog.

Wonder Man said...

I love this, you will have to tell us the story behind the nicknames

Kyle said...

Mark, I loved this! These kinds of posts are great.

As a kid I read copiously, like you did.

I bet there is one kind of gun you like very much.;)

Sexiness is all in the mind, not the body.

A fellow animal lover; that means we are friends for life.

A broad range of attraction and a big heart seem to go hand in hand. Do you find that range to be a liability or an asset?

Miss Ginger Grant said...

I would happily accept a hug from you any day! I wish Boy G had your "bear esteem"... He felt sexier as a YTP! Now he's just ONF- old, nelly, and fat!

Nik_TheGreek said...


Mark in DE said...

This is great info and will make your future posts more rich, now that we know more about you. Looking forward to more of your personal stories (coming out, boy scouts, nicknames, etc.) I hope we get to meet in person one day!