14 November 2009

Saturday Suspenders

Before there were belts, there were suspenders (or braces depending on where you live). Created in the 1800's they lost popularity shortly after WWI due to uniform belts becoming a more comfortable accessory. Believe it or not, suspenders were once considered "underwear" and were therefore not to be seen.

I think they're sexy, especially if worn sans shirt as demonstrated by today's hunks. And as you can see, they go great with the fit body, the large body, the smooth body, and the furry body. When accessorized with nipple rings the look is stunning.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. BEHR HUGS!!


Kelly said...

LOVE IT!! mmmmmm

Michael Rivers said...

Suspenders do seem to go with every body type! I need to get a pair.

Mark in DE said...

I am totally AGAINST suspenders, since they prevent pants from falling down. :-)