06 November 2009

Another Opening Another Show

Happy Friday! Tonight is opening night of the play I’m involved with. No jitters here at all since I don’t have a speaking part. I belong to the Whittier Community Theater, the oldest continuously running non-profit community theater west of the Mississippi. We’re currently in our 88th season. (Check out the link.)

We’re doing It’s a Wonderful Life: Radio Play. This basically means the stage is set to look like a 1940’s radio station and the actors “perform” the radio show (script in hand). I am one of foleys whose job is to create sound effects. We do the bells, whistles, door openings/closings, breaking glass, and other ambient noises. We have some really cool ones and some really dorky ones. We’ve experimented and found what works best for us. There are several scenes in which one character walks through snow; I tried creating it with a shallow box and corn starch and then literally walking on the corn starch. It sounded wonderful! But the problem was the mess it created and being the fat and lazy guy I am didn’t want to have to clean it up after every performance. So I have a sad alternative but hopefully it works okay too. So that’s what I’ve been doing the past 5 weeks. Oh did I mention I’m the assistant director too? I haven't had to do much in that capacity but hopefully the program will reflect this additional "responsibility."

Because I've been busy with the show, my home life has suffered a little. Winston (my cat) is upset and feeling ignored. I try to make it up to him but - if you have cats you'll get this - he acts as if he can't be bothered and runs away. After this weekend life should return to a more normal routine so in no time he should be back to his self.

Today's picture really has me horned up. I'm in the mood for a nice cuddly bear and some stress relief. Lately, I've been feeling a bit anxious, if you know what I mean. (*wink*wink*nudge*nudge*) Soon I hope. Again - Happy Friday and BEHR HUGS!!


Wonder Man said...

I'm sure there's someone to help you release

Mark in DE said...

Break at leg at opening night! And good luck with your stress relief, too. :-)

SteveA said...

Good luck with the show opening!