01 November 2009

Sunday Favorite 9

Sorry for the late posting. I went out last night, something I rarely do. I met a guy I've been chatting with recently; we hit it off pretty well. The night was sponsored by BearsLA and was the usual Halloween bear stuff: lots of costumes and assorted hot men in leather and various stages of undress. We left after the costume contest to search for food. I think I saw 1:30 a.m. twice!

Anyway onto today's picture. First off, the guy is incredibly hot. I love his goatee, I love his chest, I love his chest hair, I just think it's a great pic. The real challenge is deciphering why his mouth is open. Is he giving us a primal scream? Is he in the throes of orgasm? Is it pleasure? Anger? Only he knows for certain. BEHR HUGS!!

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