06 November 2009

Being Introspective....Somewhat

I recently have been reading archived posts of certain bloggers who are incredible writers. This got me to reevaluate what I’m doing in this tiny space of cyberland. When I first decided to create Behr Blather, my intent was to provide musings and thoughts as they occur to me. I obviously have not succeeded with that although I’ve gained a small following for the pictures I post, which, while not necessarily a bad thing, is more of a dime-a-dozen content than anything.

So my pre-New Year’s resolution is to share more stories, musings, and thoughts. Have no fear; I will still do my best to visually bring you all that’s furry, muscular, daddy-ish, and hot. You can still count on my regular features of tattoos, black and white photography, and bears. It may take me a while to get jump started so I hope you’ll be patient. And please…I really do appreciate comments so keep them coming! BEHR HUGS!!


Wonder Man said...

looking forward to hear your thoughts on many issues

David Dust said...

I look forward to your stories, musings and thoughts ... and hot daddy pics. :)


Mark in DE said...

I'm looking forward to the new and improved Behr Blather, with everything you've always loved PLUS more of what you didn't know you loved! :-)