23 November 2009

Plaid Monday

Another tribute to men in plaid for this Monday. (My personal favs are #1, 3, and 9. The rest are up for grabs.) No work for me this week, I'm taking vacation time. I'll probably do something stupid like put up the Christmas tree (yeah...it's fake). Today: A movie and lunch with my parents & sister for my mom's birthday. It will be the barometer as to how Thursday will go, drama-wise. I hate the holidays.



Stan said...

I love these men. Always been a sucker for the plaid sleeves cut off look. Very "working man!"
I don't mind Thanksgiving so much as it's just one day and there's lots to eat. But I fucking hate Xmas season! I know that's politically incorrect to say but I do.

Mark in DE said...

Great photos!

I hope your Thanksgiving goes better than expected.