21 November 2009

Leather Saturday

If I were in better shape - or rather a different shape - I'd seriously consider investigating the leather community. The leather look is - in my opinion - hyper-masculine. Whether a simple leather vest, harness, armband, or to the all out rig, men who wear leather exude a raw sexuality. Leather aficionados will most likely tell me I'm wrong but I associate leather with forbidden sex, the piggier acts, the world of BDSM. Here's a newsflash:

I'm turned on.



Stan said...

Being a Leather aficionado myself I don't think your wrong at all. That's the part that attracted me to the leather scene in the first place. The leather gear is expensive but the latest designs in neoprene has made it much more affordable and expanded the community.

Howard said...

I hear you, I think it looks awfully hot... But some of the B&D 'activities' scare me a bit. A furry man in jeans and a bit of leather is hot though.

Dwight Supremacy said...

Yes, I totally agree with you. The look screams masculine. Okay, maybe bellows is a better word. ha. I do love the look, but have never gotten into wearing it myself. Again, I agree, maybe if I were in better/different shape. :)

Mark in DE said...

I don't speak from experience, but rather, from intuition when I say you shouldn't let your 'shape' dictate your involvement or lack of involvement with leather. Life is not a dress rehearsal, its the real thing, so you should try out whatever you want and see how it feels. Don't keep your desires in a box because you don't look like the guys in this post!

Behr hugs!!!