28 November 2010

Sunday Favorite: 49

I miss sharing my Sunday morning.
I miss waking early to watch him sleep then kissing him awake.
I miss playfully fighting over who is going to make the coffee and retrieve the newspaper from the drive.
I miss snuggling on the couch as the furnace blasts away the cold morning chill.
I miss sharing a pot of coffee and making breakfast for two.
I miss lazing in his arms and knowing there's no better place to be on a cold November morning.
I miss being in love.



Mark in DE said...

I miss those things too. Even when you have someone to love it doesn't mean you're 100% compatible.

PAU said...

WOW BEHR!! that´s a sort of melancholic? post...
but now that i´m free.. belive me that i don´t miss all those things.. to miss that you have to get the right man.. and i´m convinced that that is not that easy..
you know what i miss?? I miss hugging and feeling the other body heat.. and the breath..hehehe

Wonder Man said...

it will happen again

CJ/Rick said...

I heard that! To have someone to lay about and just waste a day with naked and in love would be grand.

Miss Ginger Grant said...

You past relationaship was clearly better than mine!
I don't miss him being underfoot everymorning.
I don't mis listening to him snore or him waking me up.
I don't miss fighting about who's turn it was to clean the cat box or unload the dishwasher.
I don't miss him always taking the "good" spot on the couch with the best veiw of the TV.
I don't miss him bitching that the smell of my coffee made him naseous.
Just helping you put things in persepective!