03 November 2010

Hump Day

I am so happy it's Hump Day! Here are a few reasons why:

No more political ads!
No more proposition debates!
No more Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina ads (these two were looking to fill the California governor and US Senator seats, respectively)!

It's also half-way through the work week!

Rehearsal last night went fairly well; I had my first run-through with the light board and - if I must say so myself - I did pretty damn good! The director told me the cues were perfect. So I'm very happy about that. Two more nights of rehearsals and then we open.

I admit to being tired because I'm not getting my usual amount of beauty sleep. And ya'll know how much I need my beauty sleep!

Happy Hump Day and BEHR HUGS!


Cubby said...

No more ads!!!! Woo hoo!!

PAU said...

If you count on that I didn´t get the real sense of the post... hehehehe.. sorry, hehehe.. mi "rehearsal" vocabulary is not that good.. just telling you, overall, how glad I am that you are that good and happy..

Stan said...

and no more robo-calls either UGH!