16 November 2010

Behr Rant

This morning - as every work day morning - I went to Starbucks when I arrived at work. (There's one in the lower level of the towers I work in here at downtown LA.) I've been coming to this Starbucks practically every day for at least 5 years.

Now the benefit of being a "loyal" customer is when I walk up they pretty much know what I want. Monday through Thursday it's a venti coffee, Pikes Place. On Friday I go fancy with a triple shot vanilla latte (no foam).

This morning as "Jack" the manager is swiping my gold Starbucks card he mumbles that the price went up. Yes...a venti cup of Starbucks coffee is now $2.15. WHAT THE FUCK? That's a 7.5% increase over yesterday's price. I understand that there are increased costs to running a business and all of that....but come on....that is WAY too much for a cup of coffee.

And do you think maybe it could have been mentioned to the customers that the prices were increasing?

So here's what I plan to do. I plan to use up the remaining funds on my Starbucks card...and then quit Starbucks altogether. Maybe an occasional latte or in the off chance I get to meet someone new (date-like). But this daily thing is going to stop. I'm already saving money since making another life change; this will only help keep more money in my account.



David Dust said...

I am proud to report that I have never spent one thin dime at Starbucks (I'm not a coffee drinker). In fact, I've only been inside a Starbucks 2 or 3 times - only to use the bathroom.

PAU said...

But why you go to starbucks??? you should come to Spain, so here you can take coffe much cheaper that at satrbucks...hehehe.. but i have to admit that the muffins are great!!!
Big HUGS!!

Stan said...

Never even been inside a Starbucks. I always thought it was a rip off to begin with.

Cubby said...

Uh oh, you opened a can of worms with your Starbucks post. I guess you didn't know how anti-Starbucks folks have become lately. After they super-saturated the market, putting one in on practically every corner, even putting some directly across the street from each other, people are turning their backs on them. Shall I add your name to that list as well?

I would never pay top dollar for coffee. I am, however, willing to pay a premium price for something I cannot make myself at home, like a cafe mocha. I just don't have the right equipment for it at home. Yes, I have a froth nozzle, but not the kind for making coffee.

Wonder Man said...

just quit Starbucks

Miss Ginger Grant said...

So $1.98 is reasonable for a cup of coffee but $2.15 is not? It's good to have boundaries!!!

Miss Ginger is totally addicted to Starbucks- I wonder what my limits would be?!