10 November 2010

Behr Pick: Kissing

Everyone is agog with last night's Glee episode and "The Kiss." Or rather, kisses, plural. Personally I saw both coming. Maybe I'm a little jaded about television and cinema but I find both fairly predictable. Which is why reality TV is becoming such an overbearing commodity. But I digress. I loved Kurt's expression immediately after because - well in my book - the bully was hot. I also like how Blaine is mentoring Kurt. Maybe he can give him some "butch" lessons. I thought Will's kiss with Bieste was patronizing. But those are my opinions.

I like kissing. It's one of the most intimate acts. And it can mean so many different things by the why it is done: passion, love, friendship, dismissal...I admit it's been a while since I've had a good snog.

On the topic of "first kiss," I cannot say much. I don't remember mine. I do remember the first kiss with S, my ex...there are days when I swear I can still feel it. And that was over 6 years ago. I've been fortunate to have met some really GOOD kissers. Nothing beats an excellent kiss. You know the kind...they start out tentatively then grow in passion...and all the while you're starting to feel things in other parts of your body...heh heh.....yeah you know what I'm talkin' about!!

Here's to kissing...and hoping we all get kissed today.



Nik_TheGreek said...

Am I the only one not watching Glee? Probably...
My first kiss was when I was in 13 with a girl a year younger than me, on a plane from Paris to Athens after a school excursion when they dimmed the lights. It was quite nice I have to admit.

Stan said...

you described that feeling of a GOOD kiss perfectly and man do I miss it.

Cubby said...

That's a super-hot pic!

I think kissing is the most intimate sexual act. I cannot imagine kissing anyone other than my husband Greg. It's completely out of the question. Blowing, rimming, and porking a stranger or friend... sure no problem, although I'd much rather do these things with friends than strangers. But kissing... never.

PAU said...

hehehe.. NICK I also don´t watch GLEE..
BEHR... very nostalgic post.. I wish I could be kissed again as I was time ago... :((

Wonder Man said...

I like kissing too. Oh and Dave on Glee is hot. If I was Kurt, we would have continued at his place

Mark in DE said...

I'm a big fan of kissing too. Here's hoping YOU enjoy some much-deserved kissing soon!