07 November 2010

Sunday Favorite: 47

Back to the black and white photography for today. And a favorite subject, reflections. It's especially nice when the subject is a handsome, young, fit man.

You may remember from previous posts that I was besotted with a long-haired bearded beauty who is in the community theater production in which I'm involved. Well...I no longer am. Oh don't get me wrong, he is handsome and normally I'd still be drooling over him. I discovered, however, that he is not someone I want to waste my time or attention on. I was standing next to the woman who is doing sound and he walked up to her after the show Friday night and hugged her. Now, it's true she's known him since he was a little boy. But I'm involved in the show as well and I thought it a little rude that he ignored me. Okay not biggie, really. Maybe he's shy since we've not been properly introduced. A group of us headed out to a restaurant for food/drinks. Because of the number of people some of us went into the bar because we just wanted a drink; others waited for a table for service. When I went to leave, I stopped at a table to say good-bye to the people sitting there. As I spoke to one of the actresses, the bearded guy turned away from the table toward no one as I spoke. Once outside, I said something to my lesbian friend and she said he's homophobic.

Really? He's involved in the theater and homophobic? Really??

It definitely explains his lack of manners toward me and apparent avoidance.

It's difficult for me to understand homophobia in the theater. I know it exists but it still amazes me. Some of the most creative and talented people I've met in the theater are GLBT. And maybe that's why certain straight theater folk are homophobic: it's based on envy.

I'm disappointed that a handsome talented guy turns out to be ugly on the inside.
I've decided to just steer clear of him, not say anything about or to him, do my job, and just ignore him. And I always have the option of turning the lights out on him early.



Nik_TheGreek said...

That's awful! I don't have personal experiences with this kind of people (and I am very happy for that) but not even say goodbye? He is so in the wrong industry...

Stan said...

Ah! fuggetaboutit! Tell him to dry up and float away! In all my years I've come to realize there are just some people I don't get along with.

Cubby said...

It's too bad he turned his back on you. Doing shit like that is so childish.

CJ/Rick said...

Just consider the source. His loss. I'm not the most social creature on earth but I know how to be polite.

Wonder Man said...

That's a mess. eff him