24 November 2010

Behr Pick: Hump Day Friday

It's Hump Day - - and for me my work Friday! That's right, I'm not working the day after tomorrow. (For my international followers, tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day, a day set aside to stuff oneself with turkey and stuffing and other starches. There are some who pretend to be a turkey and get stuffed themselves.) After today, I will only have 10 working days left until my vacation. I'm also hoping that today will be a short, early day. Since my boss isn't around I'm thinking of ditching out a little early.

I like this picture, btw. I'm not quite sure what the appeal is but I suppose it has to do with the handsome guy in a jockstrap. In my head, I imagine he's about to bend forward and some other hunky guy is going to start eating his ass. And although I'm not much of a participant in that act, I certainly don't mind watching others engage in it.

So what do YOU think the story is behind this picture? Click the Comment link and let us know.



PAU said...

The pic is really hot BEHR!!!!.. ufff i imagine all the story.. should i say that i imagine it.. or better that i have great memories with such situation hehehehehehe..
I´m glad you had such a short week.. try not to get stuffed with turkey... ahnd happy thanksgiving day, BEHRCITO!!!

Stan said...

It's been unfortuatley a long time since I took part in such activity myself but I just love a hot man in a jock whatever the reason. Have a fabulous time off and a great Thanksgiving Mark.

SteveA said...

Awesome pic - I think it's the appeal of his gorgeous butt all curved in that jock strap!

David Dust said...

I think he's just REALLY turned on by folding chairs :)


Wonder Man said...

lustious pic (yes it's a made up word)