01 November 2010

Welcome, November

Can you believe it is November 1? There are only two months left in this year. Where the hell did the time go? I can't complain too loudly. Between holidays and vacation time, I only work 26 days between now and the end of the year. Yep, I have 16 days of vacation to take. I'm not sure if I'm going to go somewhere or not but I would love to spend it with this gorgeous hunk of man, Eduardo.

The AZ Cardinals lost by 3 to the Buccaneers. Damn. On the upside, the SF Giants lead 3-1 in the World Series over the Texas Rangers. Whenever my team doesn't do well or go to the World Series (they've only been once), I root for the National League team. So I'm happy the Giants are doing well.

So on this Monday I'm in a pretty good mood. I hope you are too!



PAU said...

I follow Eduardo since he was modeling porno... he´s no doubt such a hunk... but now he´s a proffessional bodybuilder, so he´ve lost some of the "charm" he had at the beggining..
Anyway, It´s a goog pic to start the new week!!!

Cubby said...

That guy's nips are fantastic!

Stan said...

Go Giants! Any team that has the Bush's routing for them in the stands can go to hell. It gets my goat every time I see that idiot!

Wonder Man said...

glad you are in a good mood