31 August 2009

Tuesday Tattoo

I know I usually post multiple pictures on Tattoo Tuesday but this one just is unbelievable and must stand alone. Incredible work and wow! Mind-boggling as well as sexy and hot and....sorry, I started to swoon.

I believe in a person's right to "decorate" his or her body. I choose not to (that's a whole other Oprah) although I do have one piercing. That was a last hurrah before turning 40. But I digress.

How a person decorates his/her body is indeed his/her choice. We may not agree with the designs or how much they cover their bodies but we can appreciate the artwork. In this man's case, I applaud him for his positive message. Never mind that he's FREAKIN' HOT. I would love to meet him in person so I could read it myself and see what all of it says.

Back in the early 90's I met a man who was part of LA Shanti, which was an AIDS support organization. He had just had the outline of an intricate dragon tattooed on his shoulder and upper arm. I asked boldly if I could touch it and he complied....he had biceps like today's model so I admit I was copping a feel. But the raised ink on his arm was warm and erotic. He said he still was going to have the color done. I never ran into him again but have always wished I could have seen the finished product.

I do have a design for a tattoo in mind; I actually found it on the Internet. Maybe one day I'll post the picture and have my Behr Community give me feedback (I'll 'splain Lucy its meaning and all). So in the meantime, enjoy today's picture and - as always - BEHR HUGS!

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Mark in DE said...

I'm not a big fan of 'ink', but this guy is hot!

Hey, maybe you can help me out with something. Can you email me please?