22 August 2009

I'm In The Mood For.....

Ice cream.
Iced tea.
Sitting in front of an air conditioner or fan. Naked.
Frolicking in a pool.
A handsome red bear.
A handsome red bear in a pool. Feeding me ice cream. Naked.

It's only in the 80's but the humidity is stifling here in SoCal. The above is my instant gratification wish list. What's yours?



David Dust said...

Air conditioning ... LOTS of it. That is all I need. :)


Breenlantern said...

hmmm...I can provide:ice cream, iced tea, central air conditioning, nakedness, pool and the ensuing frolic, and feeding you ice cream naked, BUT, don't have the red (although in the right light i've been told I have auburn in the carpet but not the drapes)and not sure about the handsome part....all in the eye of the beholder.

Mark in DE said...

The humidity here is incredible - like 90%. Ugh... must... have... a/c...