13 August 2009


There's something wrong in Behrland. Not sure what the cause is but the PC randomly shut off and I can't get it to even turn on again. I'm thinking "power source" but the other electronic bits and pieces that are using the same power strip bar are working just fine thank-you-very-much. My worst fear is v-i-r-u-s that has wiped the hard drive. And my PC guru moved to Seattle two (three?) years ago. So basically I'm saying that Behr Blather is temporarily banished from cyberland. This forced abstention from the Internet while I search for a (gay) computer whiz will be good for me. I'm surreptitiously posting this at work. Shhh. Wish me luck! BEHR HUGS!


David Dust said...

Ugh. There is nothing worse than computer drama. Good luck ... and come back to us soon!!


Mark in DE said...

If you can't find a local gay computer guru, maybe consider Geek Sqad. Wishing you a speedy return to cyberland.

Mark in DE said...

You've been tagged.