11 August 2009

Fur Revealed

Back on March 30 David Dust posted his White Meat Monday Daddy Jason Sokody blog and the world swooned. Because this 29-year old aspiring hip hop artist/model is so gorgeous (and tattooed), I've kept my eye out for additional pictures. A-HEM. Please note what can be seen slightly in pics 1 and 2 and completely in pic 3: FUR. Yes ladies and gentlemen, this hunk of a man is shaving his chest. (Commence wailing and lamentation.) Now, I know that shaving one's body supposedly shows off muscular definition. But come on Jason! Ninety-nine percent of all male models are smooth. Be different, be creative, be FURRY! So please JS: stop shaving. BEHR HUGS
If JS is really a vampire he can bite me any time! WOOF!


Michael Rivers said...

He is a hunk! I love the 1st photo. The Vampire photo is great too! I'm developing a vampire story so I will use this for inspiration.

David Dust said...

He is SO hot...

Thanks for the shout-out!